108 Sun Salutations are powerful practice in Yoga?

How did you reach 108 Sun Salutations? Ever came across the number 108 in any yoga material and wondered what it was? Sounds quite creepy right? I was scared when I started seeing 108 all over some Yoga handbooks as a newbie in Yoga.

At a point, I even felt it was pretty occultic, but after having a deeper look at it, I discovered it was nothing close to what I was thinking.  There’s so much knowledge that needs to be passed about Yoga, and the 108 Yoga Sun Salutation isn’t an exception in any way.

The practice of the 108 sun salutation has its ancient and spiritual roots and meaning and can be done frequently or during certain times of the year.  We should have a nearby gander at what this 108 mean. 

What is 108 Sun Salutations?

Sun greetings can be supposed to be a succession of Yoga poses conveyed together in a reliable motion. It’s generally found in the Vinyasa-style Yoga, and it’s called the “Surya Namaskar” in Sanskrit. They were traditionally practiced in ancient times to usher in a new day and are somewhat challenging and effective cardiovascular practice.

Why is “108” significant in Yoga?

Figure 108 is very significant and sacred in Yoga in many ways. It also appears in powerful disciplines from astronomy to Yoga.  It has many symbolic meanings in diverse fields ranging from spiritual practices to Yoga, martial arts, and mathematics to Yoga. In yoga philosophy, mathematicians from the Vedic tradition view this number as representing the wholeness of existence. 

Let’s have a few mentions as to its significance;

  • A mala (sacred prayer bead used in Buddhism and Hinduism) traditionally has 108 beads in Buddhist and are said to signify the 108 human passions which “AVALOKITESHVARA” assumed when “telling the beads”.
  • The Sanskrit alphabet comprises 54 letters, each having both masculine and feminine, Shiva and Shakti, making it 108. 
  • There are a sum of 108 energy lines passing to and from Anahata, the heart chakra.
  • All through the nation of India, there are 108 consecrated locales known as pithas.
  • There are 108 Upanishads in total (a collection of Indian religious and philosophical texts as from 800 BCE).
  • Concerning Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, the body has 108 sacred points (marma).
  • Buddha words are recorded in the Tibetan Kangyur in 108 volumes.
  • In Buddhist sanctuaries in Japan, a ringer is tolled multiple times to complete the old year and usher in another one.
  • Coming down to numerology, 108 equals 9, and this symbolizes universal love, eternity, and self-awakening.
  • Least I neglect, likewise in cosmology, the distance between the sun and the Earth is approximately multiple times the sun’s measurement.

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How to practice the 108 Sun Salutation?

In this world, they’re something you’ve got to do before moving unto another. As a baby, you’ll have to crawl before you walk. So also the Sun Salutations; you’ll have to do one sun salutation before you can start the 108. 

Traditionally, Sun Salutations Yoga consists of 108 Sun A salutation which is made up of the following asanas;

  • Forward fold
  • Mountain pose
  • Half lift
  • Upward facing dog
  • Downward facing dog
  • Chaturanga

108 Sun Salutations are powerful practice In morning

When carrying out these Yoga salutations, it’s essential to modify your Vinyasas any time you wish. Never feel that you’ve got to carry out the full versions of any pose, and most importantly, always listen to your body. Below are some modifications to help you flow through your Sun Salutations;

  • Do the child Cobra or Cobra rather than Upward Facing Dog: rather than doing a vertical dog for quite a while, take a child Cobra present by dropping your legs down on the mat. This pose is less intense and less stressful.
  • Go for the Child’s pose instead of Downward Dog: be free to move back into the Child’s pose for a moment instead of the Downward facing dog. This feels very relaxing and will enable you to have a smooth practice.
  • Attempt to bring down your knees in Chaturanga: you should have a go at bringing down your knees or knees, chest, and jawline down to the mat when finishing your plank pose. This is a great strategy when the upper body starts to get tired or when you’re still in the process of building the strength of your upper body.

Benefits of practicing 108 Yoga sun salutation

During the practice, it’s believed that the internal heat you build is cleansing, detoxifying and helps you get more in touch with yourself. 108 Sun Salutation heats the body, activating the Prana or upward energy. Also, during 108 sun salutations, you’ll find a state of ease and also a sense of flow. You’ll probably give all into the process, notice what comes up emotionally, and let go. Below are some benefits of 108 Sun Salutations;

  • Culture outer strength: 108 sun salutations involve the movement of the whole body. When you carry out this practice, you move and energize every major joint, strengthen and stretch the most prominent muscle groups in your body, build cardiovascular resilience and also help for smooth flow of your blood and lymph.
  • Creates inward strength: when completing the 108 sun salutations, you focus on the developments and your breath, making it somewhat hard for your psyche to meander.
  • Respects an exceptional/incredible event: most yogis today mark the adjustment of season with the act of 108 sun salutations. It’s being thought of as to be a mental and physical seasonal cleansing. Some yogis carry out the 108 sun salutations to mark a new day and celebrate the opening of a new yoga studio. You can choose to carry out this practice to honor a wedding, your birthday, note a fresh start, or give a form of accomplishment.  

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Sound tips to get you through 108 Sun Salutations

108 sun salutations can take between 50 minutes to an hour, depending on the energy you put into it and how often you go on breaks. Are you interested in trying it out? If yes, here are some healthy tips that will get you through your 108 sun salutation practice.

  • Build yourself on other Sun salutations first: if you’re a newbie in Yoga or not used to repetitive movements, it’s recommended you start by trying different sets of Sun Salutations of different lengths before venturing into the 108. In addition, ensure you familiarize yourself with the formats of a Sun Salutation before going into it. By doing so, you’ll know how to make adjustments when the need arises during the practice.Also, check 10 Tips To Help Your Daily Yoga Practice
  • Always hydrate before the practice: the most important thing to do in a yoga class is to drink much water a day before the class. Drinking water on the day of the course doesn’t do much, but hydrating a day before boosts blood circulation and muscle performance. You’ll undoubtedly sweat, so come along with a water bottle to sip on, but don’t take too much water as this will fill up your belly.
  • Modify when needed: 108 sun salutations are repetitive movements, so always listen to your body and make changes or modifications to poses when required.
  • Take breaks: Have a break each an ideal opportunity to ensure you’re remaining safe. 108 sun salutations require bunches of here and their developments, and this by one way or another gets distressing and makes you dazed. Ensure you always listen to your body mode and take a break in the Child’s pose when needed.
  • Rest: the Savasana pose will feel much better after a long practice, like the 108 Sun salutations. Don’t go into your final resting position at first; let your body recover for at least 15 minutes and then feel the gained benefits of your practice before leaving. If time even permits, use some minutes to jot down your experience. 

What is the best time for 108 Sun Salutations?

Surya Namaskar done in the morning is the best from my point of view, since it charges you up for the day, like any other exercises keeps you happy, helps you retain a good walking n sitting posture throughout the day since you have activated all muscles etc


108 sun salutations is a great exercise that stretches the body from head to toe, and inclusion in one’s fitness menu will be a fruitful decision. It is strongly suggested that you talk with a certified yoga teacher to monitor your progress and ensure you visit your doctor if you notice something unusual. I wish you luck on your adventure to good health!!!

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