10 Tips To Help Your Daily Yoga Practice

We make resolutions with the best intentions to help Daily Yoga Practice. The aim is to keep indeed working towards your goal. When faced with a situation like snoozing the alarm to get some extra sleep time versus getting up early in the morning to practice, staying in bed probably triumphs.

So, once the initial enthusiasm of your resolve has died off and you have missed practice for a few days snuggled under the covers, how do you commit to your daily yoga practice? The good news is that it takes a long time to form a new habit, and missing a day doesn’t mean you failed. It just means it’s time to renew your commitment and get back on the mat.

“Yoga is not about being flexible.  Yoga is about showing up on your mat daily with no expectations of how it should go.  It’s about not believing the labels like “too injured” or “too old” and finding a new way to be the best version of yourself.  Yoga is a lifestyle, not an exercise program – although, yoga has no judgement if you only want to use the poses to exercise. Yoga is about discovering that those crazy thoughts in your head about why you ‘can’t’ or ‘shouldn’t’ are not true.  It’s about slowing down and seeking something greater than yourself.  Yoga is more than what you wear or if you can handstand.  Yoga is the ultimate practice of love.”

~Kerri Verna

Here are ten tips to help you to commit to your daily Yoga practice:

1. Know your “Why.”

Make a list of all the benefits that you associate with your Yoga practice. Any reason that gets you on the mat is a good one. Flexible body? Peace of mind? Good night’s sleep? Less pain? Better mood? Whatever your reason is, make a mental note of it and use it as your motivation for practice.

2. Make it a habit

According to a recent research study, it takes about eight weeks time-frame to build a new habit. If you carry out a routine behavior every day, it will start to feel more automatic every day. By about 2-months, it will feel completely automated, and it W a habit. Keeping this in mind, try to make Yoga a priority in your life and stick with it, especially in the initial phase.

3. Set up an inviting Yoga space.

Whether it is placing a mat permanently in some particular room or corner of your home, or whether it is decorating the space with something symbolic which is sacred for you, work on set on an inviting Yoga space. Your corner to relax and let go and connect with yourself every single day.

4.Set up daily reminder and routine.

Please put it in your calendar and hold yourself up to it as your life depends on it. Through trial and error, figure out the time that works best for you. Whether you feel the most energetic and fresh in the morning or late evening, play around with the schedule. Once you notice what works best, please put it on your schedule, and do not let anything else cause a conflict with your Yoga schedule. Avoid heavy meal within 4 hours of practice and light meal within 2 hours of practice.

5.Join a supportive community.

Pair up with a Yoga buddy or maybe join a group class in-person/online to connect with other like-minded people and get accountability and inspiration from others on their Yoga journey. Connect with a teacher with whom you feel a good rapport and your wavelengths match.

6.Setup a realistic goal.

The biggest mistake people make is over-committing and then feeling guilty for not meeting it. Please do not compare yourself to others and how quickly or efficiently they practice. You will gain the most benefit by just staying true to your practice and how you feel in your body, mind, and soul each time you practice.Check out for best

7.Celebrate small victories.

Avoid getting hooked on pushing yourself to achieve perfection in challenging poses. Yoga is not about touching your toes, doing the perfect handstand or backbend. It is about maintaining and enhancing that connection with yourself as you go through these poses.

8.Listen to your body.

There may be days when you feel physically, emotionally, or mentally drained out due to life circumstances. Develop the intuition to listen to the cues your body provides each day and adjust your practice accordingly. On some days, you may feel so strong and flexible, and on some days, the poses that came quickly to you may seem like a far-fetched dream. It is entirely normal to feel that way, and it is necessary to maintain a balance between your effort and surrender in each pose on each given day. To avoid injury, do not force the body beyond its capacity.Check out best Yoga Swings.

9.Have fun

There is no such thing as perfect—that’s why it’s called practice! Just keep doing it. Even if you fall out of the routine, you can always get right back into it. Be patient and forgiving with yourself, and keep moving forward one step at a time.

10. Treat yourself.

Reward yourself for staying on the course. If you practice for a week straight, treat yourself to that relaxing massage! If you practice for an entire month, buy those new leggings you have been on your wish list. Check out Yoga with Pragati

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10 Tips To Help You To Commit To Your Daily Yoga Practice
10 Tips To Help You To Commit To Your Daily Yoga Practice


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