What are the 5 benefits of Brahma Muhurta?

Brahma muhurta is a term you must have come across during your yoga class. At times, the word will be thrown around casually like when a yogi talks about Brahma muhurta time. And if that isn’t the case, you might hear a college mentioning how they wake up during Brahma muhurta.

But, why all the fuss about Brahma muhurta, you might ask? Well, to find out the answer, continue reading the article. We’ll cover what it’s all about and the benefits it has. Without wasting time, let’s get right into it.

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Brahma is the creator god in the Trimurti of Hinduism. He has four faces, looking in the four directions.[1] Brahma is also known …

What is Brahma Muhurta?

Before explaining what Brahma muhurta in the USA is all about, here is a breakdown of the words. For starters, the term “Brahma” refers to knowledge while “Muhurta” time. That’s why it’s referred to as the period one best perceives knowledge. 

That said, Brahma muhurta time in the USA refers to dawn between 3.30 am and 5.30 am. That’s the time before the sunrise, and Hindus believed this to be a divine time to cultivate a spiritual life. So at times it would also be referred to as creator’s hour or even sacred time. 

However, there is a time difference as to when the period starts. This could be because of your geographical location and the time of the year, but it starts at 1 hr. 36 minutes before sunrise and ends 48 minutes later. 

Nonetheless, “The Creators Hour”(other name for Brahma Muhurta) has found its way into yoga classes. Yoga enthusiasts believe this is the ideal time to practice your yoga, meditate or perform any spiritual activity. And by doing so, you can recharge your body and maintain the same rhythm throughout the day.  

Besides this, you can increase your life span and even prevent diseases. Hence you can’t afford to miss out on this magical hour to renew your spirit and relax your mind.

5 benefits of Brahma Muhurta

Brahma muhurta has become a known technique for many enthusiasts in the world. That said, did you know Rishis, Yogis, and Paramahamsas, begin their meditation session during “The Creator Hour”? As a result, they can channel positive energy throughout the day, which is beneficial to everyone within their circle. 

Therefore, if you usually have grumpy mornings or in a bad mood, you need to try it? Here are the things to do during your Brahma muhurta:

  1. Meditating 

The ideal time to meditate is when the rest of the world is asleep. During this time, there is total silence and no distractions or anyone to talk you down. It is only you and your thoughts, plus your alertness is higher. During this session, choose your best spot in the house and sit down. Ensure its calm and quiet to maintain the level of concentration needed.

The next step is setting a time limit between 5 to 10 minutes. However, don’t set long periods since you are likely to lose concentration. 

Sit on a chair and ensure your feet are on the floor. You could opt to kneel or sit loosely with your legs crossed. The idea is to ensure you are comfortable maintaining the same posture within five or ten minutes.

Now that you have the correct position feel your breath, inhale, and exhale slowly. Feel how the air comes in and goes out. You’ll notice your mind wandering to other places. This takes few seconds or five minutes at most. If it happens, just revert to feeling your breath. Remember not to judge yourself if your mind wanders, instead be kind to yourself since it’s normal. 

Once you are done with your yoga session, lift your head gently and open your eyes. While in the process, take some time to notice your surroundings and the sounds in the background. You’ll eventually feel a change in your body, emotions, and thoughts.

  1. Reading and listen 

The next thing about Brahma muhurta time is reading books to enrich your mind. You could also opt to listen to a podcast. The aim is to find something that adds wisdom and spiritual knowledge. According to the study, reading during the session eases mental problems as it relaxes your mind.

  1. Strategies your day

We must agree your awareness is renewed after the Brahma muhurta hour. Therefore, this marks the ideal time to plan your schedule of the day. It could be vital things such as your work, family time, among others. But start with the most important as you move downwards.

  1. Examining yourself

Self-reflection is also crucial while meditating. Recall how your day was. Were you giving too much attraction to negative or positive things? If you are dwelling on negative thoughts, it’s time to change your mindset. We insist on examining ourselves to be aware of our emotions/thoughts and not to feel guilty. Adapting to this routine helps to get rid of the negative energies in your life.

  1. Thinking of your God, spiritual teacher (Guru), parents, family, or Friends

We are living in a busy world, and you are always in the moves. Regardless, how many times do you think of them. This marks the perfect time to think and be grateful for their roles in your life. Most importantly, thank God for all His favors and mercy. That includes the universal energy you believe runs your world. 

What not to do during The Creation Hour 

There are two things you need to avoid when doing your Brahma muhurta. They include eating and undertaking strenuous exercise. This is because eating is harmful to your health and can lead to unwanted illness. Whereas activities involve mental work, and that’s something we wouldn’t want since it’s time for your mind to relax.

Brahma Muhurta Benefits 

Research has proven waking up in Creator’s Hour has some health benefits. They include;

  • Boosting your immunity system 
  • It increases the absorption of vitamins and mineral in the body
  • Brahma muhurta helps with balancing your blood pH and also relieves pain 

30 Muhurta in a day and each Muhurta posses

NumberStart time – End timeName of MuhurtaRESULT
16:00 – 6:48RUDRABAD
26:48 – 7:36AHIBAD
37:36 – 8:24MITRAGOOD
48:24 – 9:12PITRUBAD
59:12 – 10:00VASUGOOD
610:00 – 10:48VARAGOOD
710:48 – 11:36VISVA DEVAGOOD
811:36 – 12:24VIDHIGOOD
912:24 – 13:12SATMUKHIGOOD
1013:12 – 14:00PURUHUTABAD
1114:00 – 14:48BVAHINIBAD
1214:48 – 15:36NAKTANCARABAD
1315:36 – 16:24VARUNAGOOD
1416:24 – 17:12ARYAMAGOOD
1517:12 – 18:00BHAGABAD
1618:00 – 18:48GRISHABAD
1718:48 – 19:36AJAPADBAD
1819:36 – 20:24AHIRBUDHNYAGOOD
1920:24- 21:12PUSAGOOD
2021:12 – 22:00ASWINIGOOD
2122:00 – 22:48YAMABAD
2222:48 – 23:36AGNIBAD
2323:36 – 24:24BIDHATRGOOD
2424:24 – 1:12CANDAGOOD
251:12 – 2:00 AMADITIGOOD
262:00 – 2:48 AMMBAGOOD
272:48 – 3:36 AMVISHNUGOOD
305:12 – 6:00 AMSAMUDRAMGOOD

Take Away

Brahma muhurta presents you with an ideal yoga session. It not only relaxes your mind and rejuvenates your spirit but also comes with health benefits. Though you might be from a different timeline or region, it advisable you try out the yoga session. If you do it every morning, you’ll notice a positive change in your life. That said, it is only meant for healthy people; pregnant women, children, and persons with mental illness are not allowed. You can also check,10 Tips To Help Your Daily Yoga Practice

1.What is Brahma muhurta in US?

It refers to a period between 3.30 am to 5.30 am before the sun rises. However, this depends on your region and time of the year. The duration is supposed to last for 48 minutes, during which this period, you have time to meditate, introspect and recharge your body spiritually.

2.Can one sleep after Brahma muhurta?

Yes, you can sleep after Brahma muhurta, but that would eliminate the purpose of doing it. If you don’t have a plan, why would you want to wake up early in the morning? We recommend living in your bed during your session, and once done, you are refreshed and ready to take up the activities of the day.

3.What is the duration for Brahma muhurta?

The duration for Brahma muhurta is 48 minutes. This includes meditating, reading and self-examination, planning, and thinking about your God, Guru, and Family. Your secession should be done between 3.30 am, and 5.50 am

4.Can anyone wake up in Brahma muhurta?

Unfortunately, not everyone can wake up to Brahma muhurta.  Only if you are healthy can you participate. Therefore, don’t undertake the activity unless your physician has recommended it

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