Guide or Method to Block Spotify ads

Guide or method to Block Spotify ads

Right now, everyone wants to block Spotify ads because it is challenging to imagine a world without Spotify.

This streaming facility has quickly become a favorite of millions of people worldwide and offers the most extensive music library in history.

A free Spotify account should provide different genres of music. But even listening to the best songs in the world can be easily frustrated with online advertising.

Of course, all free online content is obtained through consumer advertising.

What makes Spotify ads particularly bad, however, is that they are difficult to hear, don’t skip over, and play over and over again.

Is there any way to block ads on Spotify? As always, there are other solutions. Depending on the platform used, these platforms require different tools.

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Guide or Method to Block Spotify ads 2

Use music converters.

There are apps like Tuneful Spotify Music Converter that convert songs from Spotify, download them in a suitable format, and remove advertisement as a plus point.

The bad news is that you can’t stream ad-free music because you have to select and pre-convert the songs.

Also, useful apps usually come with a price and may not be compatible with smartphones.

Change the proxy settings on your Mac.

It works the same as using a VPN. You have set up a proxy server in a country where Spotify has not yet started.

So, the service thinks you are broadcasting from this location and block Spotify ads. Sounds better, but this technique is complicated in many ways.

Firstly, you must know how to change the settings properly.

It may take a long time.

Second, these proxies can be unstable, and you must be very blessed that they work the first time you try.

Third, connection issues may arise while the proxy server is running.

Web pages can take long to load, display in a language you do not know, or maybe not open at all.

Guide to block Spotify ads on PC

The beauty of Spotify is that it allows users to stream music to a PC, not just a mobile device. This will be helpful when you are working on a laptop or having a family reunion.

When the other 30 seconds of ads start showing, it gets creepy.

Fortunately, Windows is indeed a very flexible operating system and allows users to manually edit the host file on the system.

Examples of Spotify ad blocking host files are scattered across the internet and can be found on Google.

Once found, navigate to C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \, etc. Open the host file as administrator and add the required content.

Why are the host files not listed here? This is the hardest part.

This solution only works for a restricted time because Spotify is constantly changing ad settings, and new host files must be added again.

If this is very difficult, consider getting a suitable VPN.

How do I block Spotify ads on mobile?

Trying to block Spotify ads on the mobile version of Spotify can be even more difficult. VPN solutions are often cross-functional.

So there are some great VPN apps for iOS and Android. The best is not free. Plus, the free options are just as ephemeral as the proxy server options we’ve seen before.

Another problem has to do with the device itself. Location services are included in most smartphones.

This allows Spotify to determine the user’s actual sending country and receive it as an invitation to play bloody ads between songs.

Spotify ads Block Apps

One of the most durable and still very operative methods is to use an app whose sole determination is to block ads.

The following applications will work, first, make sure the device is rooted.


You can download AdGuard directly from the AdGuard website and provide a large number of content tracking tools.

Use AdGuard for ad blocking, privacy, parental controls, and browsing security.


AdLock is a locking solution for Android and PC. This is an easy way to block in-game or browser ads when using a smartphone.

You can also choose to block specific websites and use secure HTTPS filtering to filter all traffic.

AdAway is an application that has been around for a long time, but it still works well. Just download the latest application and move it to device storage.

Under “Settings” -> “Security”, make sure “Unknown Sources” is enabled.

Then launch your favorite file manager and click on the APK file to start the installation process. After installation, you can open the application.

The first option is to download the file and apply an ad blocker. Execute this routine while drinking hot coffee, and when it is over, you are done.

You can also opt-out of adblocking. Just restart your mobile, and you have block Spotify ads.

Adblock Plus

In an application like AdAway, it works the same. Follow the same path. The screen appears when you open the program. Okay.

There are many options for other views. If you want to hide the character, tell you a few ways.

Certificate output options include options for starting, updating, and restarting Wi-Fi. Disable the Wi-Fi option as it consumes fewer data. Just reboot your phone, and you are set.

Why you can’t use an ad blocker for Spotify.

There are two causes. First, there are very few such applications that may not be accessible for your operating system.

Second and foremost, the updated Terms of Service of the streaming service prohibit it.

From May 1, 2019, Spotify will be able to suspend your account if you are found to be using an ad blocker. Even if you can find a way to block ads on Spotify, it is a risky business.

One day, it may be fired without warning or warning by the service.


Overall, Spotify offers free products. Funds are needed to support this level of service, and advertising is a means to this end.

We can use ad-blocking programs to avoid payments while still having a smooth and pleasant user experience.

But sometimes, the smartest way to win a game is not to fight at all. In other words, you can get rid of ads and pay without paying instead of wandering around the workplace for free.

If blocking annoying ads is one of your primary online irritations, then check out our other articles on how to make your online experience better .

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