Positive Higher self meditation for healing

Higher self meditation will help? Did you know the goal of Asana practice is to be able to sit still for Meditation?

Connecting with your body is only the starting point for the journey back home—the journey to meet your deepest self. Yoga is to meet this place and understand that that true self is nothing but a part of everything. The whole universe is interconnected, and you can elevate your consciousness through Higher self Meditation and mindfulness.

Here, you’ll explore different layers of this connection and how to meet your past for healing.You are a soul living a human experience. From this awareness point, let’s see how to take advantage of it to conquer fear.

Do you find yourself, no matter what you do, feeling that nothing is ever enough? That somehow anxiety, stress, depression, or the feeling of being stuck…always catch up. 

Let’s face it; life challenges will always be there. Yet, how you react to them. and how you perceive your reality is in your power.To get into a neutral point from where you can start learning your best self & Higher self meditation. It would help if you created your healing journey; Meditation for healing is a beautiful way to go. 

In this guide, you’ll learn what to do with what you already have. To use your body, mind, and breathing to self-regulate and meet the deepest layers of your consciousness. 

Learning yourself will give you mental peace and inner emotional strength. 

Can you imagine that every day is just as good as they come? That no matter what happens, you can let that go and stay in your energy? 

You can be free, from inside, free from your barriers. 

First things first: Do you spend the majority of your time caught up in your head?. Do you know who lives there? Your ego.

Your ego is in a constant alert state. Always ready to jump and protect you, always defensive.

But are you protecting who? Protecting your inner child and your vulnerability. You were hurt in your childhood, and that child remains, hurt, inside you.

It’s doing an excellent job protecting you. So that you won’t reveal this scary vulnerability. You’re deliberately busy and avoiding. It’s terrifying to face your fears and look the pain straight in the eyes.

 But when we live in our minds…we get confused, and we think we ARE our minds, that we are ego. Mind is only the software of our highly complex human structure.

Higher self meditation for healing, you can start the journey .

Back home and connect with your true self. Place of lightness and love. This exists inside all of us. But to meet this, first, it is essential to look backward and do some healing. In higher self Meditation, you create space enough to hold the trauma and observe the wounds with perspective.

Wounds that most likely happened in your childhood are related to your mind, body, or a broken heart. The consequences of being neglected, ignored, left alone, and other behaviors are the causes of your biggest fears. 

These fears drive all your actions: loneliness, rejections, abandonment, fear of death.

Higher self meditation for healing leads you into an intermediate state. In which you’ll be able to move forward without holding back. 

Sometimes, there’s this feeling of knowing that there’s something between you and your light.

The answer to this is hidden in the past.When you give that wound recognition, understanding, and healing, you’re opening the door to meet your best self.

What is higher self Meditation? How do you start making this connection? 

Intimate yourself. Spend quality time hearing, paying deep attention, and asking the right question. We are observing without judgments, with the intention of learning. Leave all expectations behind. 

We are taking a moment to be. Without distractions, without avoidance.What do you feel in your body? What sensations, and where? The body is telling you everything.

What thoughts are causing these emotions?

Are they from experiences? Are they just products of your imagination? Are you fantasizing about the future?

Your true self lies in your heart and gut.Start noticing the sensations in your body as you speak. where is the speech coming from?

From your head or heart?

This kind of awareness will help you realize whether you are hurting yourself with your mind. Your thoughts cause an immediate reaction in your body and create your reality. This is how you can start using it in your favor instead of self-sabotage. 

You get to choose. Ask yourself, where is that coming from? And if it is worth it to keep bringing those sensations to your body.

Putting this in practice

As our inner worlds are all different, Higher self meditation and mindfulness is experienced differently. And there is no rule; being mindful is making your own rules.

Is doing what feels good for you, what makes sense, and what works. The benefits are the typical treat.

Yet, whether you’re a beginner or not. Having guidance is very beneficial. From then, you’ll interpret that to your own needs.

For example, one of the main principles is relaxing the body. Intentionally letting go of all tensions.

Letting go of wanting to move it or control it.

When this is done, the mind increases its capacity for extension, and that’s the point.

During Higher self meditation, you want to create space. to allow thoughts to flow, renovate energy, attract, visualize, heal and understand.

Is understanding through observation with perspective.

As you create space in your mind, you allow yourself to see the ego and not be ego.

As you’ll intend to meditate, especially in the beginning, thoughts will come. This is normal, and there is no need to try to control them.

Observe them, and let them go, just like a spectator goes back to your breathing.

So, you probably heard or read that sentence before. BUT this isn’t the only thing that you can do.

Sometimes when the mind wanders, you are so caught up in your imagination that you lose awareness of it. 

Suddenly you notice how far away you are. Familiar? This is when some people might think they’re “not good” in Higher self meditation, or that they’re doing something wrong.

This is ok. It is an opportunity. And part of the process. A significant portion of the process, awareness. From then on, everything starts to follow. Also, check 5 ways on how to sit Meditation Bench

Being mindful is questioning your thoughts

So, you became aware of your intrusive thoughts.

Now, it is time to ask question. Did you like what you saw? How did that make you feel? What did you notice in your body? Some thoughts may bring you joy, thus are harmless, and an opportunity to have fun. If you can distinguish that it is just something in your mind. and not necessarily the reality.

Some thoughts will give you a bad feeling. Choose to reframe in your favor. Use past evidence to support yourself if necessary Or acknowledge that’s only in your mind, and only so your reality.Or maybe notice how someone is making you feel when you’re finding some answers. And let it go.

This is my personal favorite: when in deep connection with myself, the mind has space in this state. Out of the box, thinking arises. And when they come, I go through them and make sure I won’t lose them.

Awareness in-breath is your anchor. 

Please do what you need to do with your thought and come back to them, but never be hard on yourself to spend time with your thoughts. 

That is part of the process, and it’s beneficial. Higher self meditation and mindfulness are a journey, and they will flow and evolve.

The important thing is to show up for yourself. You’ll notice how many different states you can get into, depending on the context. No matter how empty the mind receives, it is still beneficial.Also,check best Yoga music for relaxation and meditation

Create the intentional moment for discovering and learn yourself

When I meditate, this is how I spot an intrusive thought:

First, I feel something strange in my body. Then, I am conscious of what I’m thinking, raising awareness of the situation.

Now, I will give you an example of the inner-child hurting inside us and how to spot her when we create the space for it:

I had a situation in which I felt rejected by a man and confused by his signals. I liked him and was unsure of what to do.

I asked a friend for advice. She suggested telling him how I felt or what I wanted.

My immediate reaction to this, imagining myself in that vulnerable situation. It freaked me out. My heart pounding, my palms sweating…my cheeks burning my mind saying, “no way!”. Embarrassment through my whole body.

Higher self meditation
Elaine Weissohn Eede

Suddenly I noticed how crazy my whole body reacted, and I was so impressed.

I get highly triggered because I suffered so much in this area in my youth due to my poor self-esteem.

My inner-child reacted with the same fear stored for years. BUT, wait a minute. I am not a child anymore; I have all my experience, and I know how to use my tools.

The awareness immediately gave me so much confidence. I could then start thinking with perspective. And understand that there was nothing wrong with that idea.

And that ultimately, I don’t care so much. If you need it, grab a physical picture of you when you were a child. To use as a starting point, but don’t limit yourself to that image.

Lay down and close your eyes, place your left hand on your chest and your right hand on your belly.

Slowly start focusing on your natural breathing. Then try to follow your diaphragm movements and consciously relax your whole body.

Try to connect with the child version of you; whatever memory arises; observe.

Try to go deep into your memories and connect not only with the picture but with the feeling. Understand what created that feeling.

Now, if she’s in pain, you are there for her. Let her know that you have her back and that everything’s going to be ok. Give her a big hug and all the love that she needed back then.

From now on protect yourself, and your energy, as you would do for that child.

With love, compassion, understanding, patience, and nothing else.

You want the best for that little child who doesn’t deserve to be yelled at, bullied, neglected, or ignored, not from others nor yourself.

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