Why Sontakka plant is very popular?

Scented soaps, and aromatic beauty care products many more usages with Sontakka plat! It is also used as an aromatic oil in various parts of the world because of its therapeutic and medicinal properties. It can be used for decorative purposes: in case of any special events.

Fragrant gardening -Hedychium Coronarium

More about the Sontakka Plant

White ginger also called this plant, is the national flower of Cuba. Talking about its origin, it is believed to have originated in the eastern Himalayan region of India, Nepal, and Bhutan. It is usually found in moderate temperate conditions. The lifespan of this plant is about two years.

Many of us do not know that this plant is an Asian Shrub plant. They belong to the Ginger family and are also called the butterfly ginger lily.

The flowers are mesmerizing, and the smell is amazing if you grow the plant right- that is, under favorable conditions, including Moist and cold weather. 

Have you ever heard of white ginger lilies?

Fancy name, right! Sontakka plant is the Marathi name for the same! It is one of those flower species that is known for its fragrance. Why is it one of the most beautiful colors when it comes to flowers?

They are the most soothing and tranquilizing Plants. The Sontakka stands like a gorgeous white beauty emitting a wonderful fragrance. Let us dig deep into the topic and find out more about the sontakka plant.

The white ginger is the national flower of Cuba. It is commonly called ginger lily; it is also called the sontakka in other parts of India. It is also referred to as Dolan Champa in Bengali, Surulu Sugandhi, and Takheli Angouba.

How to take care of Plant?

Taking care of plants is extremely necessary so that they grow right and appear beautiful all the time. If we miss out on any of the factors conducive to a healthy plant, we will miss out on the benefits being provided.

Taking care of the Sontakka plant might be Complex if you do not know the right method and techniques. Here are some of the tips for a healthy Sontakka plant. 

Indirect Sunlight:

The sontakka plant does not require direct sunlight, and a healthy plant only requires indirect Sunlight. The plant is a sucker for Sunlight. You need to keep the plant under shade for 10 to 15 days, and then you will have to take it out during the morning and keep it in the shade in the afternoon. After 20 to 25 days, you can shift it completely into direct Sunlight. 

Sunlight plays a very important role when talking about the plant. You can consider the plant to be a sucker for  Sunlight and usually needs about 6 hours of daily Sunlight, whether direct or indirect.

Moderate watering of the plant:

The plant requires humidity in the environment to grow properly. However, make it a point to never flood the soil with water. Take just the right amount of water for a healthy Plant. You can moderate the watering further during winter as the water requirements decrease during that time.

Every plant needs water to go, and so does the sontakka. One point to note is that you should never overfill the water in the plant as it would cause more damage than benefit. Excess of anything is Indigo so does the water in the case of plants.

If we over- irrigate the soil, it can also lead to fungal growth and bacterial growth that can be very harmful to the plant’s growth. This immense damage is Irreversible at times, So we must be very careful about the amount of water content we provide to the plant.

Soil should be water retentive:

The soil should be such that it should be water retentive, but at the same time should be fast draining. Interestingly, the plant can be grown in nurseries and in a pot that is easily available at everyone’s home. 

The Comfort of growing this plant altogether is what attracts us.  The plants are great container plants, and you can easily grow them at your home using a grower round plastic pot. Be considerate about the size of the pot as the plant grows wide as well as long. You can also check out Plants 3” Peat Pots with price comparison.

Occasional fertilization: 

The Sontakka does not require frequent fertilization, but occasional fertilization can be favorable.

Cow dung and vermicompost are the best fertilizers you can use for the better growth of the plant. The plant needs a bit of extra care during the summer season, which is also the flowering season when the plant Bloom its flowers, and because of this reason, it requires more nutrition.

Cut the stalk after the flowering season has passed.

One very important step when taking care of a plant is pruning. In case you do not know what pruning is, let us understand that first.

Pruning is the selective reduction of certain parts of a plant. In the plant, the stem requires pruning after each flowering season. This will lead to better growth and the blooming flowering season the next year.

Growing the plant is easy, but it needs constant care. 

White Ginger Lily

The flowering of the plant:

Blooming the plant can be difficult sometimes. It is however recommended to keep the plant in partial shade and enrich it with water. Keep the plants 2 to 3 feet apart.

Cultivation Time:

The plant starts the flower season between August and December. It is one of the most popular flower brands and the first choice of gardeners. If you take proper care of the plant, it will add charm to the surroundings. You need to take proper care of the plant, ensuring fertility and soil moisture. Make sure that the plant is not waterlogged.

Where can we buy the Sontakka online?

A lot of websites offer services to deliver the Sontakka.


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Uses of Sontakka

Beautiful aroma: The most important reason for you to opt for Sontakka is the beautiful aroma that it comes with. It can be used in making perfumes,  uses of the white gingelly are sensual therapy, which is used as aromatic therapy.

The benefits of this plant cannot be described in words, and they are innumerable! Not only do they have therapeutic benefits, but they are also very soothing to the eye and calm our soul. However, we need to take proper care of this plant, especially at a young age.

One common misconception about the plant is that it is high maintenance. In reality, it is not, so it is a low-maintenance plant that requires a little bit of extra effort and care. The plant usually takes a height of about 1 to 3 meters And is generally considered fast-growing. 

Countries in which the sontakka grows

White ginger lily, also called the sontakka , requires moist and wet soil. The plant is usually found in areas that have these particular climatic conditions. Some countries in which the plant grow includes:

  •  India
  •  Cuba
  •  Nepal
  •  Bhutan 
  • Southern China
  • parts of Myanmar and Thailand 
  • Bangladesh
  • Parts of Taiwan in the east
  • Hedychium coronarium

It is one of the common questions if Hedychium and the sontakka plant are the same. The answer to this question is that the plant also belongs to the Ginger species and is called the white gingelly popularly. It is the national flower of Cuba and is called Mariposa, which has the meaning-butterfly!

Use of Sontakka Plant:

  • It is used to make garlands because of its beautiful appearance
  • Used in making perfumes.
  • Gives a rich aromatic experience
  • Used in aromatherapy
  • Used in making scented soaps and cosmetics.


It is easy to propagate the plant; you can do that with the help of bulbs during February. You can separate the clumps with your hands manually. It is very important to sow the selected bulbs. It is necessary to sow the bulbs at least 2 inches below the soil. Water the plant regularly, and it will germinate soon.

The after process should be done with care. Keep it in the shade for the first week or two, and after this time, you should move towards direct Sunlight. Increase the timing of direct Sunlight gradually.


White sonatakka flower

The height of the plant is usually between 1 to 3 meters, and the flowering season is between May and October. The pseudostem of the flowers first produces floral buds that will transform into flowers within several days. The bloom usually opens during the evening.

The view is the best, especially during nighttime, which acts as an attraction for nocturnal pollinators. The flowers remain open for about two to three days. The wilting of the flowers can take place if there is excessive Sunlight. Because of this reason, it is recommended to keep the plant in semi-shade.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)How much height does the Sontakka plant grow?

The Sontakka Plant grows for about one to three weeks.

2)Which season does white lily grow?

It usually takes place between August and December.

3)What is the other name for white ginger lily?

Sontakka plant is the Marathi name for white ginger lily.


Sontakka plants are aromatic plants and you must consider them for an enriching experience. Just put in a bit of effort and love, and enjoy the beauty of the plant!

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