What are the New SAP Solution Manager Tcodes

SAP introduced SAP Fiori Launchpad in SAP Solution Manager-7.2 which is a browser-based application single point of access to applications and Transactions directly instead of using the Tcodes.

But if you want to Navigate to a specific transaction code, Below is the updated  Tcode(Transaction Codes) which are introduced in SolMan (SAP Solution Manager 7.2).

SAP Solution Manager Functional Tcodes(Transaction Codes)

CM_ADM_COCKPIT : Change Control Mgmt – Admin Cockpit


1. Task list
2. Change cycles 
3. Overview
4. Task list
5. Change cycles
6. Overview
7. Landscape Overview
8. Objective Administration
9. Transport Analysis
10. Schedule import jobs Solution Manger ChaRM Search
  • CM_ADM_PROC_VIS : Change Request Management Process Visualizer


1. This is one of the best Tcode to visualize the workflow of a ChaRM status changes, available actions, and background actions.
2. PPF actions, SOCM actions, and SOCM Consistency checks related to a ChaRM.
3. Identify background ChaRM actions.
  • SOMO_ADM:  Object Administration


1. Business Process Monitoring
2. Business Process  Analytics
  • SOLADM: Solution Administration
  • SOLDOC: Solution Documentation
  • SPIO: Process Monitoring Overview
  • SPIS: Start User Interface for Monitoring
  • SPI_ALE01: ALE monitoring
  • SPRO: Customizing
  • SPRO_DB: Implementation Guide for DB Providers
  • SOLMAN_INCIDENT_ISV: Updating incidents from SAP OSS -ISV
  • SOLMAN_INCIDENT_UPD: Updating incidents from SAP OSS
  • SOLMAN_PI_DI: Detailed Info. for PI Monitoring
  • SOLMAN_SETUP: SAP Solution Manager Configurations(Master Tcode for All Basic Setup in SolMan
  • SPAK_ERROR_ANALYSIS: Detailed Package Error Analysis
    (Provides a detailed analysis of package errors. You can perform the package check both for a single repository object as well as for a specified set of objects)
    SRDEBUG: Activate Remote Debugging
  • RZ20: CCMS Monitoring
  • RZ21: Monitoring Properties
  • CRM_DNO_MONITOR: Transaction Monitor
  • BP_GEN: Generate Business Partners
  • BP: Maintain Business Partner
  • BP0: Business Partner, Initial Screen
  • BP_LOCA: Example: Business Partner Locato
  • BP_USER_GEN: Generate Business Partners and Users
  • BPCA_3PTM_TT: Start BPCA Test Tool for 3rd Party
  • BRF: Business Rule Framework – Workbench
  • BRF+: BRFplus Workbench
  • CRM_UI: Start CRM WebClient
  • CRM_UI_CONFIG_BTC: Create UI config for EEW component
  • CRM_UI_DBG: Start CRM WebClient (Debug mode)
  • CSI: Instance Log Display
  • SM30: Call View Maintenance
  • SM34: Viewcluster maintenance call
  • SM59_TEST:Test destination maintenance
  • SM_URLFWK :Solution Manager URL Framework
  • SPPFDETCRM:PPF: Action Profile with Conditions(it help to Display or change the individual actions )
  • SPPFDET : PPF: Condition definition
  • CRMC_ACTION_DEF: The action profile displays the interface between the application and the Post Processing Framework (PPF). It gives a view of the application object type that only shows the settings that are of interest to the PPF. Using the settings provided in the action profile, the conditions are evaluated, which leads to the scheduling of actions.
  • SPPFCONSISTENCY : PPF: Consistency in Customizing
  • SPPFCADM : PPF: Administration
  • SPPFP : Process Actions
  • MAINT_ROLES : Maintain SMSY role type
  • MAI_TOOLS : Monitoring and Alerting Tools
  • /UI2/FLP  – SAP Fiori Launchpad.
  • ESH_COCKPIT -Connector Administration Cockpit(Monitor and administrate search object connectors.)

SAP Solution Manager Basis Tcodes(Transaction Codes)

  • LMDB: Landscape Management


1. Create Systems
2. Create LCG
3. Create Hosts
4. Transport Domains
5. Create RFC
6. Other related Tcods for LMDB
8. LMDB_ADM : LMDB Display
9. LMDBT_XML_DOWNLOAD: Download test XML resources
  • LMDBT_ZIP_DISPLAY: Display LMDB test content (ZIP file)
  • SOLMANTRANSFER: Configuration of Data Sent to SAP
  • SOLMAN_CONNECT: Service Connections
  • SOLMAN_EWA_ADMIN: This shows the EWA UI
  • SOLMAN_SAPROUTER: Maintenance of SAP router update data
  • SOLMAN_SETUP_ADMIN: SAP Solution Manager Setup Admin


1. Generic Storage Administration
2. SolMan Setup Migration
3. Log Archiving
4. Security
5. Configuration scenarios.
6. Locked Guided Procedures
  • SRT_UTIL:  Tracing Utilities for Web Service
  • SDCCN – Service Data Control Center
  • SDCC – Service Data Control Cente
  • AISUSER – SAP Support Portal User Maintenance
  • SNAPSHOTS: Snapshot Administration
  • TREXADMIN: TREX Administration Tool
  • TPMO: Translation Performance Monitor

Obsolete and only display SAP Solution Manager 7.2

  • SMSY – solution manager System Landscape
  • SMSY_SETUP – System Landscape Maintain
  • SPROJECT_ADMIN: Project Management
  • SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN – Project Administration
  • SPRO_ADMIN: Customizing – Project Management
  • SOLMAN_DIRECTORY: Solution Manager Directory
  • SOLMAN_DOWNTIME_MGMT: Start Application Downtime Manager
  • SOLMAN_PROJECT: Solution Manager Project Overview
  • SOLUTION_MANAGER:  Solution Manager
  • SOLUTION_TRANSFER: Solution Manager: Solution Transfer
  • SOLUTION_MANAGER_BSP: SAP Solution Manager (Web)
  • SOLAR01 –  SOlMan Blueprint
  • SOLAR02 – SolMan Configuration
  • SOLAR_EVAL: Project Analysis
  • STWB_WORK – Tester worklist
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