Indian Chieftain Dark Horse Review 2021

The best way to explorer your horizon or nature is on two wheels. Riding down the streets or avenues while feeling the breeze on your face is therapeutic. That’s why you need to have a motorbike, and not just any bike but the Indian Chieftain dark horse. Priceflavor is exploring its overall features. Trust me, this article will help you to get more confident in your purchase decision.

It has been invented to cater to your needs as the rider. Plus, your passage will also feel the comfort that comes with the luxurious chieftain dark horse. Having taken it down a road trip I’m certain you’ll find this review very helpful. With that said let’s jump in and find the inspiration behind the magical bike.

About Indian Motorcycle Firm

Before we get to what the bike promises and the crazy features. Let’s see how the magical Indian bikes came to be. The Indian motorcycle is an American firm that was established in 1901 by George M. Hendee and Oscar Hedstorm. That’s over 120 years ago but yet the bikes remain to be relevant in the market to date. However, there was a change in the name in 1923. The company was now known as the Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company. This saw the firm becoming one of the bestselling in the world in 1901’s when it comes to motorbikes. That was thanks to the Scout and Chief produced during the period.

Indian Chieftain Dark Horse inspiration
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Unfortunately, the dream was short-lived when the firm was declared bankrupt. Various investors then tried to revive the firm but to no avail. But later on in 2011 Polaris Industries came into the game and purchased the firm. The firm was then moved from Springfield and Massachusetts to North Carolina. And from there on since August 2013 the firm has continued to produce it. They have maintained the Indian traditional design but made a few tweaks when it comes to Style, Performance and Technology (SPT). This is something you will notice in the review later on.

It has been known to be potent and very useful to riders. But that’s not all, it has been revolutionized to become better than ever. The new features will make its rivals have a run for their money. Below are the features which the majestic dark horse has to offer.

Features of the Indian Chieftain Dark Horse

1. Design

The Indian chieftain dark hose offers you a majestic look and the road presence on two wheels. The design used in making the bike is borrowed from the historical Chieftain dark horse. If you have a keen look at the war bonnet fender you’ll notice it has borrowed its design from the old school sheet metal. The metal has a full-length outer arc, though the firm dropped the now look and opted for a high and tight design. The new sleek look exposes the front wheel giving it a contrasting black and very polished look. Just as the name speaks for itself, the bike has a devilish look.

That’s because the Chieftain Dark Horse has a blackout treatment that hides all the components that might ruin the polished look. To give you a detailed description of it look it starts with the old school and blackout fork sliders upfront. Not forgetting the beercan fork skirts which blends perfectly with the fender ornament and darkened wheel. The amazing thing is the new sleek look has eliminated the shield-like chrome trim we were used to. On the other hand, when it comes to a power-driven and adjustable clear windshield. This in turn provides you with fresh air, unlike the one which usually washes over you from the engine section.

At the same time, the Indian chieftain dark horse has LED lights. The lights are located on th tail, front, tag, and blinkers. This makes it easier to ride the bike at night since it provides the needed lighting for visibility. Plus, other road users will surely notice your presence whether during the daytime or at night. For a classic pose, it has a fly line that runs down the 5.5- gallon teardrop gas tank. The bike also has a deep-scoop saddle that is about 25.6 inches from the ground.

The low saddle seat provides you with a laid-back rider’s triangle and comfort ever one desires while on a two-wheel. And that’s not all, you have the leverage to attach training wheels. If you are still uncertain about your skills in handling the beast, you could deploy training wheels. The wheels can be used to training yourself in a parking lot or on free roads. This, in turn, helps to build your confidence to be able to handle the beast while on the main roads. Lastly, when it comes to the design of It, it has a pillion pad.

The pad usually strikes one with a gunfighter pose, not forgetting the fold-up footpegs. This provides your passengers with the ultimate experience. Hence you can have fun with your friend on the bike without worrying about their comfort. Though you can add a backrest on their pads for maximum comfort.

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2. Chassis

When it comes to the chassis, it has outdone itself. The cast and the well-polished aluminium frame have been designed for ease of handling. To emphasis this, the frame comes with a rank angle of 25 degrees, 5.9” of trail over a 65.7” wheelbase. The wheelbase has been designed to be able to turn 31 degrees on both sides. Therefore, you can make a comfortable lean without worrying about falling off the beast. Plus, your tracking stability will be perfect as you won’t need to struggle while making the crosswind navigations.

Furthermore, to ensure the bike offers the strength needed it comes with a Beefy front fork. The Forks have been designed to depend on the 46mm inner fork tubes for maximum strength. But that’s not all the bike has damping values and fixed preload for an ordinary setup. While at the back there is the single air adjust shock that is meant to deliver a luxurious ride. Having a 4.5” and 4.7” ground clearance at the rear and front respectively. You can take a ride on any roughest and toughest jungle and still emerge victoriously.

Therefore, if you are thinking of taking a trip upcountry, it is the best companion. All in all, it packs a lot of power which can be difficult to handle, especially in wet conditions. For this reason, the company added four-pot callipers to be able to handle the 830-pound beast. The callipers have been added at the front having a dual 300 mm together with a 300 mm disc and 2 piston anchors at the rear. Additionally, the ABS added to guarantee you can get the ultimate experience while ridding the bike regardless of the speed. Hence you can come to a stop safely.

3. Technology

When it comes to tech it has not been left out. The bike uses the latest gadgets and software for the ultimate experience. For starters it has a keyless ignition hence you don’t have to worry about carrying your keys. The button is located slightly on top of the fuel tank. Also, there is a USB charging port that ensures your Phone is powered up while travelling. This keeps you connected. One of the software which I find very appealing to the Indian Chieftain dark horse is the cruise control. The feature automatically controls its speed while at high speed.

Hence there is no need on accelerating once the cruise control has come to play. To top it all the motorbike has a 4-inch command Touchscreen. The screen presents a classical look as it displays all the needed features. This includes GPRS, Bluetooth, turn by turn navigation, Control ride modes, tire pressure monitoring, and other features. Plus, you can answer or decline calls using the touchscreen. At the same time, the Bluetooth speakers will keep you entertained while cruising down the roads.

4. Performance

The majestic Indian Chieftain dark horse offers a lot and performance is what it is known for. The Indian Thunder Stroke 116 engine delivers 168 Nm of torque to powers up the beast. Hence you will be having a smooth ride regardless of the speed you are on. In the meantime, the air coolant keeps the engine at a lower temperature, therefore you can take a long ride without worrying. Besides the engine, there are selectable ride mode features that allow you to change the power delivery to fit the conditions.

The most impressive thing is the Rear cylinder deactivation system. The system has been designed to suppress the rear jug when coming to a stop. Hence you won’t feel the heat wash at the time when slowing down to a stop. Lastly is the six-speed transmission and standard wet clutch. They deliver the needed power to the rear wheel through a carbon-reinforced belt final drive. Hence you can expect to reach speeds of about 115mph easily.

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5. Ride and Handling

Thanks to the chassis feme the Indian Chieftain dark horse provides the riding experience needed. The aluminium cast makes it easier to handle the bike while riding with extreme comfort. The suspension shock provides you with a luxurious ride. I even attest to this, it’s exceptional. The brand has also upgraded the new Chieftain dark horse from the 16-inch front wheel to a 19-inch. This makes the steering light to control and provides the needed stability while at high speeds. Though I can’t compare it to the sports bikes which make the carves at corners breathtaking. But it does roll and curve perfectly making it fun and thrilling.

Final Word

The Indian chieftain dark horse is a masterpiece and every bike enthusiast should have it. Though I must say it will take deep pockets to acquire the beast. The bike is estimated to cost around $18,499. Regardless of the market price it offers some of the amazing and appealing features you could ever find on two wheels. Well, I stand corrected but I would say the Indian Chieftain dark horse offers one a Roll Royce experience. Starting from the tech, classical design, and comfort they are impeccable. This comprehensive review will show you why I speak highly about the classical bike.

Frequently Asked Question

How much does an Indian chieftain dark horse cost?

The Indian chief dark horse is sold at a market price of 18,499. Though if that is expensive you can opt for second-hand bikes. They are slightly affordable depending on the mileage on them. That said, you need to be careful when purchasing to avoid being duped.

How fast is the Indian Chieftain dark horse bike?

The dark horse bikes cover a top speed of 115 mph. This might not be much if compared to speed bikes, but they offer unexceptional comfort.

What is the top speed of an Indian Scout?

The top speed of an Indian scout stands at 124 mph. If you want an Indian bike that offers speed unlike the dark horse this is the bike for you.

Are Indian Motorcycles 100% American-made?

Yes, and No, that’s because Polaris Industries which owns the firm has its factory in Poland. Here is where they produce their off-road vehicles. That said, the firm does its productions in the US which makes it proud for many.
Therefore, we can say it’s American-made but not 100%.

How many CCs is the Indian Chief dark horse?

The Indian chief dark horse has a 1890cc engine that produces 162 Nm of torque at 3200 rpm. That shows how powerful full the bike is and even the name speaks volumes about the luxurious two-wheelers.

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