Compare Top 2 Advanced Elements 5 Gallon

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Compare Top 2 Advanced Elements 5 Gallon

The Advanced Elements 5 Gallon is one of the best solar shower devices you could ever find in the market. The shower device falls under the gravity category as it used pressure to release water. The product is ranked as the best since it has a huge storage capacity of about 5 gallons.

The gallons are ideal for you whether you are taking 5 or 7 minutes of continuous shower.  The best thing is the device is portable as it weighs about 1.4 pounds. That’s compact and easy to pack while heading out to packing. And if you are fetching water, it has a handle that enables you to comfortably carry water to the campsite.

Top 2 Advanced Elements 5 Gallon

When it comes to the design, the brand has outdone itself. For starters, it comes with a 4 ply construction which enhances durability. The second thing is the temperature gauge which shows how hot the water is. At the same time, an extra-large filling valve makes it easier to refile.


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Compare Top 2 Advanced Elements 5 Gallon
Compare Top 2 Advanced Elements 5 Gallon



give yourself a hot shower anywhere you go! designed with an efficient 2-layer construction for optimal heat retention and performance. simply fill and layout in the sun clear side up and you will have a hot shower in no time!SKU:ADIB001Q3L716
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advanced elements 5-gallon pvc free solar shower
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